An Introduction To AJ Patent

AJ Patent (Alice Jane) is my law practice specializing in the area of patents.

If you have a brilliant idea for a product or invention and are eager to release it into the world, you will inevitably start questioning yourself about the wisdom and security of that. In other words, how would you know if your idea or invention will be safe? How would you know if someone would underhandedly steal your idea and use it to profit themselves?

When I was in law school and thinking about what to specialize in, patent law was my choice as it rang close to home. My grandfather was on the verge of an invention years ago and while he never quite finished his invention or released it into the market place, it was always a concern of his. Especially given the fact that he worked on the idea for decades of his life. It was extremely important for him to know that his idea would safe.

I intend to talk more about patent law in this site and sometimes, I might add in some bits and bobs about daily life. I do not quite intend for this to be a business website but more of a semi-professional blog, if you will. I want to inform people about their patent rights in an informal and lively manner. Do stick around!


Who am I?

I (AJ) am based in Victoria, Australia. I have my own practice and I live with my husband, 2 children as well as 2 of our beloved dogs.


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